Next Generation XDK

The ngXDK® Sensor Module is a next generation, smart, ready-to-use multi-sensor device which embeds sensing, data processing and secure wireless communications in a small industry-standard IP65 enclosure. It works with the LEGIC Connect mobile to enable dynamically provisioned access to configurations and/or data based on Android / iOS devices.

It comes with NFC/Bluetooth® Low Energy/WiFi/Zigbee transceiver and M8 connector for power supply and optional wired data communications, programmable hidden switch, and status LED. 20 sensor outputs can be simultaneously monitored, locally pre-processed and recorded  A Zephyr Real Time Operating System (RTOS) allowing easy development of customer-specific extensions and firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA).

Sensor Platform

The Kallisto® Sensor Platform is a family of ready-to-use subassembly modules which embed sensing, processing, energy management, and wireless communication on a small standard-size PCB module.

A spectrum of 20 measurands can be simultaneously detected at configurable sampling rates / sensitivities and processed via its on-board ARM Cortex-M4F. Data can be streamed over BLE or written into local on-board memory for later retrieval. The now Zephyr-based Kallisto® sensor platform can be easily tailored to any kind of Industrial IoT application. Customer-specific application software can be programmed by using provided Kallisto® Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Firmware can be updated over the air (OTA).

Starter Kit

The Ganymed® Platform is much more powerful. based on our self-developed RISC-V design in a unique volume proven 3D SiP.

The Ganymed® Starter Kit runs on a proprietary system-on-chip circuit which contains nine (9!) RISC-V cores out of which one core serves as a data acquisition unit which acquires the output signals of the sensor components connected. The remaining eight cores, arranged in a cluster, independently serve as a data processing unit (DPU) for demanding applications, making our chip ready for all future AI-applications. The Ganymed® Starter Kit is equipped with a set of rigidly attached sensor components which facilitate the simultaneous detection of 4 different measurands. Optionally, the amount of measurands can be extended easily.