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Press Release ORBIT Sensorfusion
19 Feb 2024

Auf Basis unserer universellen Sensor Plattform haben wir gemeinsam mit der IoT Beratungsfirma ORBIT Sensorfusion der urbanen Pilzfarm “Paradiespilze” erfolgreich, schnell und umkompliziert eine umsfassende Lösung zur Überwachung seiner Pilzzucht implementiert. Ziel dieser Lösung war es, bisher unbekannte Einflussgrößen auf das Pilzwachstum zu identifizieren und zu optimieren.
Dr.-Ing. Dirk Behrens
Leiter Vertrieb und Marketing

Based on our universal sensor platform and together with the IoT consulting company ORBIT Sensorfusion, we successfully, quickly and easily implemented a comprehensive solution for the urban mushroom farm “Paradiespilze” to monitor its mushroom cultivation. Target of this solution was to identify and optimize previously unknown influencing factors on mushroom growth.
Dr.-Ing. Dirk Behrens
Head of Sales and Marketing

Product News

Nov 2023: ngXDK the new standard in industrial monitoring

Obtaining reliable Industrial IoT data depends on linking verified users with trusted sensors and objects so that their interactions are authorized and accountable. Our new and secure NextGenXDK multi-sensor device is ideal for business critical IoT monitoring applications in logistics, power generation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, government, transportation, aviation, and high-security access control.

Partner News

Nov 2023: Legic and Sensry announcing strategic partnership in secure IIoT

Germany-based Sensry and Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems have collaborated to create the NextGenXDK multi-sensor device, a groundbreaking solution that empowers rapid implementation for a wide array of IoT applications requiring secure and managed sensor access and end-to-end data security.


Platform Features

“Sensry provides the first fully industrialized, easily configurable, integrated multisensor hardware enabling micro edge computing and AI on your node. We enable IoT integrators to ultra-fast development of IoT-applications and ensure a secure supply chain backed by the largest development and production partners.”

RISC-V performance for smart micro edge computing and AI

Smallest form factor due to advanced 3D-packaging



Low Power Consumption

Data Security and Protection

Integration in fog, edge, and cloud computing

Support for multiple communication standards


Facing Pain of IoT-Hardware Development

“Developing IoT applications is hard!”



Confusing Supply Markets
& Technology Complexity



Demanding Customer Needs
& Product Complexity



Volume Technology Breaks &
Production Complexity

Millions of sensor components with varying features and quality, increasing complexity through integration and scaling from prototype to mass production are resulting in long development cycles with massive investment in hardware development and resources.



We make the development and supply of your IoT-applications ultra-easy!

Sensry provides a universal hardware platform allowing for numerous customisable sensor configurations, radio communications interfaces and energy management options with an integrated IoT-microcontroller in ONE monolithic, size-optimized PCB module.

Customized module configuration

Software and systems support

Prototyping and testing

Production and ramp-up support

Complete supply chain support


About Us

Sensry offers its customers access to highly integrated, low power, low-cost sensor systems based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDXⓇ technology. This enables the problem-free use of future-oriented system architectures and production methods, even for prototypes and small series, in conjunction with the latest assembly and packaging technologies. The “modular design principle” offered by Sensry also offers maximum flexibility through modular construction. As a result, customers receive a customized sensor node with flexible, customer-specific sensor and communication solutions.




Co-Founder & Senior Management

With many years of professional experience, including leading positions at LSI Logic, AMS, Infineon, Xfab, ZMD, Plastic Logic and projects at the Fraunhofer Institutes he is responsible for the strategic development of the product families.


Co-Founder & General Management

Torsten is co-founder and CFO of Sensry. With his many years of professional experience as Finance and Strategy Manager in Industry and Mittelstand, he supported and incorporated Start-ups in the High Tech Field since many years. He is responsible at Sensry for Financing, Strategy, Business Planning and Administration.


BizDev & Marketing Management

From 30-year professional career, Dirk got extensive experience in Devevelopment, Marketing and BizDev of µC, embedded systems and sensors in Industrial Automation & Automotive. He has been CEO of Sensor Biz, and ADAS/AD business as well as start-ups in IP/Ethernet and µDisplays. Dirk is responsible for bizdev, marketing, sales and strategy


Supply Chain Manager

Torsten Kirbach supports the founding team as the Supply Chain Manager. Torsten brings with him many years of industry expertise, including from Infinieon. The topics of procurement and production are primarily managed by Torsten.


Manager Packaging

Steffen Kröhnert joined the company in its early stages with a key competence in packaging, to design the needed flexibility as a system-ready package, with the latest affordable packaging technology. Steffen’s skills will help Sensry achieve flexibility for microelectronics.


Engineering Manager

Mario Grafe is the Engineering Manager at Sensry. Previously, Mario worked for more than 10 years at Fraunhofer IPMS as a Research & Development Engineer. At Sensry, Mario Grafe is responsible for the new products Kallisto™ and Ganymed™.