About Sensry

Sensry offers its customers access to highly integrated, low power, low cost sensor systems based on GLOBALFOUNDRIES 22FDXⓇ technology. This enables the problem-free use of future-oriented system architectures and production methods, even for prototypes and small series, in conjunction with the latest assembly and packaging technologies. The “modular design principle” offered by Sensry also offers maximum flexibility through a modular construction. As a result, customers receive a customized sensor node with flexible, customer-specific sensor and communication solutions.


Smart and powerful sensors, which can be adapted to their application are an essential enabler of the Internet of Things. Embedded in new products or used for retrofitting, smart sensors can improve the performance of products or automation processes and even provide access to new resources of revenue. In practice, however, finding the “right” sensor system for the specific application and in compliance with the technical requirement can be very challenging – especially for small-volume products. The wide range of potential components for a sensor system requires a resource-intensive selection process and the compatibility of the different modules with each other cannot be assumed. Quick access to the technology, connected costs and time-to-market are further important decision factors that need to be considered.


The “Universal Sensor Platform” (USeP) under development in partnership with industry leaders offers customers a flexible, fast and reliable sensor platform for their products and application. Due to a standardized modular architecture based on a leading-edge low power technology and a wide selection of mutually compatible components, customers can create their individual sensor according to their requirements. The sensor platform combines cutting-edge assembly and packaging technologies with new design methods and an inherent data security and authentication concept.


  • Integration of various sensors for different physical parameters possible
  • Support of multiple communication standards
  • Small form factor
  • Low power consumption
  • Adequate CPU and memory resources
  • Options for integration in fog, edge and cloud computing
  • Inherent data security and authentication
Top-Level: Sensors and Connectivity
On the top-level, the functionality of the system can be adapted to customer requirements through the integration of selectable sensors and connectivity options.
Mid-Level: SoC Core System
The mid-level consists of a standardized system-on-chip with core and application processors, sufficient memory, arithmetic unit and core functions.
Bottom-Level: Embedded System
The bottom-level is the bearing element of the package and completes the customized embedded system with power supply and connectors.


Sensry GmbH will provide the following services in close cooperation with all technology partners:

  • Customized module configuration
  • Software and systems support
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Production and ramp-up support
  • Complete supply chain support